Skincare Tips For Men

We are delighted that skincare for men has become a less taboo subject at last! So, we have put together this simple guide for men who would like to invest in their skin.

Basics. Wash your face with a foaming facewash in the morning and before you go to bed and always shower with your preferred body wash product following any activity that makes you sweat or during your usual bath or shower.

Moisturiser. Yes, you should moisturise too! There are lots of products on the market that have been made specifically for men so find a moituriser and use it after shaving in the morning and after cleansing at night.

Sunscreen. According to research men often stay out in the sun for longer but are less likely to protect their skin than women. This is not just an issue regarding the way that UV rays will age you skin, it is also important that you protect against skin cancer! Apply a sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out into the sun then reapply at 2 hourly intervals.

Breakouts. Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated with filtered or bottled water will help you to avoid breakouts, as will exercise – which helps to flush out the pores, though it is also important to cleanse the skin correctly following a work out; use your usual foaming facewash for this purpose. If you suffer from breakouts bodywash, facewash and moisturising products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid may be helpful.

Shaving. Facial hair and shaving are the main issues affecting a man’s skin compared to a woman’s and the process of shaving can damage the skin, causing tiny abrasions and making it more vulnerable to the elements, so it is important to approach it correctly. If you prefer to wet shave be sure to use a shaving product such as a foam or cream, dampening the skin before application. Opt for a double blade and while shaving rinse the blades regularly. Do not over use your razor and always shave in the direction of the hairgrowth. For electric shaving apply a pre-shave lotion to the skin which will help protect the skin from irritation. Follow shaving with an aftershave balm, or an acne treatment if you experience breakouts, and finish with your moisturiser.

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