Top 3 Biggest Makeup Mistakes

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot on makeup techniques from famous makeup artists and makeup experts and guess what? They all lament about the mistakes that women make when applying makeup and these same mistakes are repeated too often. So, I have compiled the list of biggest mistakes in applying makeup.

Makeup mistake 3

Putting on unnecessarily heavy makeup – According to Christina Bartolucci, DuWop’s makeup expert, less is more. Less makeup application is best for your looks of all ages. She urged that the older you get, the less makeup you should use. She commented that she has witnessed many many older women wearing heavy foundation and obvious blush, which in reality ages you more. She advised to opt for a soft tinted moisturizer, a natural pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, neutral eye shadow, black mascara, and a plum-toned lip gloss. That is all we need to look gorgeous. You should stick to neutral colors and less of them-you will look younger.

Makeup mistake 2

Wrong shade of foundation – Makeup artist Bobbi Brown commented that one of the biggest mistake that women ever make is using the wrong shade of foundation. Often, the choice of a wrong foundation makes your face look fake like a mask. A little tip from Bobbi Brown, when choosing your foundation, if you can see the foundation, its not the right shade. She also added, in order to find the perfect match, swatch a few shades of foundation on the of your face. Then check your reflection in natural light. The shade that seems to disappear into your skin is the right one.

Makeup mistake 1

Applying makeup with wrong lighting – Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath, who has worked with many top Hollywood celebrities and many models commented that this is the all time biggest makeup mistake which most of us are guilty of. She revealed that most women apply makeup in any light other than natural daylight. Daylight reveals true colors whereas incandescent light, the light emitted from most household light bulbs dulls colors and basks the face in a warm yellow cast. When foundation, blush and other colors applied to the face with a dim light, it appears to be softer and more natural than when viewed in natural light which has a bluish cast. Therefore, in true light, the makeup applied will look harsh and unblended, with very visible foundation and blush especially. She advices women to set their makeup tables near the window so they can see their makeup in the same light they will be viewed throughout the whole day.

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